Black Tragedy

I can never forget those road
Back then I was young and naive
Unclear of my directions
You showed me more to life

I fell for you not knowing you
I was blinded by curiosity of what it feels like
How does it feels like having someone
Suddenly my whole world revolves around you

It starts getting stronger
I kept your words and promises
I became vulnerable to you then ever
Everything seems so surreal

While promising me the moon and the stars
You crush my world, hope and dreams
Repeating mistakes
Everything seems meaningless

I walk away with no point of return
Many years was wasted away
You wreck my life and shattered my heart
You are just a Black Tragedy

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019

Timeless Moment



Walking together side by side
Every step of the way leaves our footprint
Cold air gushing through my face
It’s like falling for you for the first time

Months pass by
it’s like those days never really left
it was still fresh in my mind

Years has past
I can still remember your cold hands against mine
The chocolate crepe we had
A flock of birds flying on top of us
We sat side by side with my heads on your broad shoulder
It was the perfect moment
I can never forget those smiles

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019