For you,

The day you were born
I fell in love with you
You bring more light in my life
You are a blessing to me

I can’t forget your sweet smell
Your tiny little hands
Your cute eyes
Your laughter

As you grow older, we grow apart
We didn’t see things the same way
Most of the time I wasn’t needed
You push me far away

Now you are a fully grown beautiful woman
You started to understand the reason why
We start making up for lost times
It’s like starting to know a friend for the first time

I am happier than ever
If ever you feeling lost or blue
Know that I will always be here for you
Our blood ties remains forever true

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019

The Black Sheep with a stone HEART.

Those days
I push myself hard
I wish it was just a bad dream
But reality hits me hard

I put up a brave smile
I had to compromise my life
Everyday was a torture
I am mentally bruised

Everything seems perfect on the outside
Emptyness overtook me
I’m just different, I’m just me
Accept me or leave me

You make fun of me
You made a joke out of my life
In your eyes, I will always be a failure
All i want to do was leave

Today when I wake up
My heart is full, my life is fill
My walk of life change
But my heart still remains a stone heart

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019

Black Tragedy

I can never forget those road
Back then I was young and naive
Unclear of my directions
You showed me more to life

I fell for you not knowing you
I was blinded by curiosity of what it feels like
How does it feels like having someone
Suddenly my whole world revolves around you

It starts getting stronger
I kept your words and promises
I became vulnerable to you then ever
Everything seems so surreal

While promising me the moon and the stars
You crush my world, hope and dreams
Repeating mistakes
Everything seems meaningless

I walk away with no point of return
Many years was wasted away
You wreck my life and shattered my heart
You are just a Black Tragedy

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019