You inspire Me

Hey friends, lately I have been really inspired to draw , I will motivate myself to at least draw something each day. I am also inspired by a lot of self-taught artist using different techniques and mostly are from Pinterest. They would share their artwork, doodles and also painting. I’m really glad that Pinterest was created, it really does help me a lot.

There’s also quite a number of bloggers which I follow through which have shared so many awesome artwork, I love looking at how they express everything through art. They have found their style like they are leaving a trademark or something each time it was created. I started drawing again recently which I have stopped years back, it really feels good to be doing the things that you love, I am picking up where I left off. It makes me really happy! There’s really a lot of great techniques which I can learn from and I am so excited for it. I am growing each day, please keep sharing your artwork! #8thsketch

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