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Meet Dee

A warm welcome to you! I am Dee, I am the author behind ‘perception echo.’ Married to my amazing husband Fendi, we have been married for 2 and a half years. Born and raised in Singapore, not too long ago, we moved into our very own crib. We are both so happy & blessed and looking forward to building many beautiful memories together, I left my full-time job since I got married.

I don’t miss the working world

The working world doesn’t interest me at all, there’s nothing there to relate to. The only thing about it was maybe the money that I earned, day to day dealing with work Politics, the drama here and there, day to day gossips about him/ her, Management. Salary! Etc. It wasn’t for me at all.

I will never turn back a few years from now regretting or whatsoever. I’m not a that competitive person, and I would not want to have my life to be revolved around this lifestyle. So basically, I left my full-time job ever since I got married. But I did some part-time job throughout the years of my marriage life, but it doesn’t fulfill me in any way. I wasn’t even happy anyway.

Life after Marriage

As a stay-at-home wife, I give my top priorities from planning my day to day tasks. I made our crib into a lovely abode away from the rest of the world since I do not have to deal with stress from the working world, I can put all my effort and give my everything. I can focus on making our home into a very comfortable, cozy, clean house. Most importantly welcoming place for the most deserving person in the world my husband. He deals with a whole lot of tasks under the weather each day, a lot of concentration was needed. So I pamper him with love and care always.

We prefer home cook food always, I could prepare healthy vegetables, meat, fish. We would prepare meals together when he’s not working, just to have that bond together. When you cook from scratch at home, you realize that the food prepared at restaurants isn’t any better. You won’t miss eating out, especially with the person you love, it builds our marriage closer through bonding and communication. I pride myself on perfecting a traditional, old fashioned kind of way also Homemaking is an art form, I like that as a SAHW. I am the minority people that choose to be in this.

Things I enjoy doing

My husband and I have been travelling since we got married, we have been to different parts of the continent from Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of Asia. One of the best things I get to experience is the cold weather in Europe, it was the best feeling ever. You see from the country I am from, its all year summer. Through travelling, I learn a lot about the local way of living, cultures mostly I enjoy all my food experiences, especially my trip to Korea and also Kuala Lumpur.

I love taking pictures of nature and people. Nature places amaze me the most, it is stunningly beautiful and breathtaking to look at, apart from that cooking and baking is something I enjoy doing too, especially for the people I love.

I have so much deep love for music since I was a teenager, I mostly listen to genres like alternative, indies, acoustics back in my teenage years, used to listen to hardcore music, punk rock, etc. I am that rock chic! Almost every weekend my friends and me we would head out to gigs and some other times to jamming. It is still very fresh in my memory, I enjoy those times the most. Music has been part of my life always, one of the many reasons my husband and I got along is through music too, his guitar is everything to him. Once in a while, we will head out to jam together with his old band. Settling in marriage never really stops us from doing the things we love, what matters most to us is to keep on living life to the fullest, doing the things we love and never stop supporting each other.

Story behind ‘Perception echo’

In today’s age, it was seen as uncommon for a woman to be a stay-at-home wife. However, that is not the case for me, I am the complete opposite. I do not have to take care of a kid, I have the option to go to work, yet I still choose not to.

My culture of people sees that having kids it’s like an obligation especially in Asia, I got married somewhere in the late 20s, and to some, there will be no reason for us to plan not having kids at the moment. A few others even think I have a problem conceiving, well it doesn’t matter anyway. But both me and husband stand firm and hold our ground and go with our plans and goals, which is to travel as much as possible, and we will be ready for kids eventually when the time comes. We will always try our best to be ignorant of those groups of people.

Sometimes it has become difficult and frustrating for me to explain the choices that my husband and I had made together, yes I m a stay-at-home wife with no kids, I will also get random questions asked by a particular group of people “Do you not want to build your career?”, ” How do you survive your every day?” “Áre you not bored?”
Why are you not pregnant? (after million times sharing why)” and more.

So one beautiful day, I thought to myself, why don’t I start blogging again, and sharing my life living as a traditional wife, sharing my travel experiences, so this is some of the few reasons why I began perception echo.

What will I be sharing in Perception echo?

In this space, I will be sharing with you my journey as a traditional wife in the modern world, you can expect various topics from marriage, relationships, travel experiences, my recipes, my random sketches. So are you ready to follow me on this journey?, because I will be glad to be part of yours too.

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