Drawing one of my favourite actor James McAvoy.

W.I.P character of a Woman Potrait

The Final Of My W.I.P woman Potrait

Another Character I created

Hey Guys I’m finally back after almost 1 month plus of not updating anything on my Blog, What have I been up to? So far on the month of October I have been busy with my #inktober2019 and yes I completed the whole prompt lists! It was my first year participating in it fully! I made it, and I’m really proud of myself. True fact, I face a lot of challenges thingking outside the box and putting on my creativity cap according to the prompt lists given.

Besides I have been practicing on my potrait drawing each and everyday, looking for inspiration. Trying to be detail on all my artpiece. I will updating more of my artpiece again! Till then, Chao!

Dee ©Perceptionecho2019

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