Broken Toy

Every corner feels the same
Everywhere I go, it reminds me
Those roads, those chairs
It’s like a deep scar

I kept on running
Finding the reason why
People walking pass by me everyday
I’m just standing still in the middle

I don’t really belong here
You took pieces of me
It’s like an obsession overtook me
He left me

And then…I met you
The one, the forever
I push my pain to you
I gave you all my sorrow

You walk those line for me
Slowly losing your smile
Slowing losing your happiness
You kept it inside

While my hatred for everything remains the same
I made your life miserable
It’s like you are meant for this
Your love me lesser everyday

But you still love me anyway
I look back now
I regretted everything
I owe you my life

I’m a whole again
And The reason is you
No sorry’s will never make you forget what I did
I shattered you

Give me a chance to relive those moments
The first day we met for the first time
You took me out for a ride
I will never forget those smile

Thousand Apologies to you
Know that scars will be there forever just like mine
But it does heals with time
Thanks for not giving up on me

You deserve all the love in the world

Dee ©Perceptionecho 2019

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